Collection Selections

This Lion is bound to be the leader of the pack among your tribe of stuffed animals and lovies. His albino mane and mutilcolor coat set him apart and put him at the top of the pecking order to become a classic favorite.

These handmade Proof bookmarks will hold your place in your current read and will make you the envy of your book club. Tell your fellow readers not to be jealous there is enough Proof style and selection to be shared with the group or as a perfect little gift.


Your city mini stroller will match up perfect with these great GoGaGa bags.

We all know that children love music. Jazz up their reading and music library with tunes from Ella the Elephant and her other swanky friends.

Style is never extinct with the local designs and creations of Hoosier Magnolia. TRex is ready for playgroud adventures.

This rocket heart T and other original works by Hilary C-S will make you smile and lift you up.

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  • colorwheelcollection: Ann, we are glad to know that the stuffed daschund is a friend that your niece will cherish for years to come. Thank you for supporting local shops an
  • Ann: Stephanie Cave Designs is absolutely wonderful! I purchased one of stuffed daschunds for my 3 year old niece and she LOVES it! She carries it everyw
  • Back to School for Little Wanderers | Charlene Chronicles: [...] Colorwheel Collection is a shop of unique children’s clothing located at 4266 Washington Street in Roslindale, MA. [...]


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