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Art Supplies and Apron

Age: 3

Pick out a locally handmade apron and match it up with paper, paint, stickers, crayons and markers for the fine artist in your life. Art projects are great for creative expression and indoor play during the colder months. Roll out the paper to practice numbers, letters, shapes, and be sure to pile on the color.

Magnetic Geoforme


Shape and colors combine to make drawings and forms. This problem solving game is great for youngsters and it will help them learn early math skills. With toys like the Geoformes, it will be clear to your 4 year old that learning and fun go hand in hand.


Age: 5

The nursery decor has been up in the room for years now and the little babies are now growing to be big boys and girls. Add a touch of something new with these wonderfully whimsical mobiles. Hang them high and watch them with butterfly flutter motion and motor traffic flowing.

Magnetic Figures and Design Sets


Once upon a time there was a 6 year old that told great stories. These Design Sets and Magnetic Figures will be the character outline and backdrop for great tales, wild adventures and yarns spun by your little storytellers. The End

Observation Puzzle

Age: 7

100 puzzle pieces of Pirate treasure and bounty. These puzzles are a great way to practice patience. Once the challenge of the puzzle is complete, there are fine details that are to be found in the puzzle image. This pirate version and the ballet depiction are perfect for our observant 7 year old friends.

Room Decor

Age: 8

Let them be bold and brave. Your 8 year old has style that is outta this world. Room decor from Proof and Miximals  will add the right touch of color and personality to a room.

Join us on this countdown of the top Birthday gifts, for all the ones you love to celebrate from zero months up to 9 years. As you grow stronger, taller and smarter so do we. We now have big kid birthday gifts and we are so glad to be growing with you.

 Come celebrate with us for, Colorwheel Collection’s 2nd Birthday  Thursday 11/3/11 5-7pm

Let the countdown begin!

101 Words

Age: 9

101 Words is challenging students to visualize and not to just memorize. This learning and drawing vocabulary book will add words like aviary, benevolent, gregarious, and zenith to your child’s lexicon.

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